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Only the golden snel can move. Sliding the golden snel, up, down, left or right, makes it trade position with the adjacent coloured snel. Move the golden snel around the board to create rows of 3 or more matching coloured snels. More points are awarded the more same-coloured snels in the row or column. Make another match in the next 1 or 2 moves, and get a bonus. Do it again and get a bigger bonus, and so on.
The faster you make matches, the more points are awarded, but the bonuses can add up even faster. More points with less moves gives a bigger finish bonus.
Change modes and see high scores by tapping the appropriate button.
As you continue playing, points are accumulated and your rank increases. You will work through 99 divisions in each of 7 status colours; beginning at yellow, get through 6 more colours, until you finally reach GOLD status! CLICK HERE to go to the app store.

Snel Memory Match Free (Game)

A great game for testing, and improving your memory, couldn’t be more fun. Start out small, difficulty level 1, and work your way up to level 5. Time is ticking so hurry. When you press the start button, the timer starts and the cards are exposed, memorize the locations of each card as quickly as possible, and press the gray (click when ready) button. Then the cards you just memorized are flipped over and the first card on the deck is exposed. Now go find that same card. Do you remember where it is? How well did you memorize the board. It might be tricky at first, but your memory will get better. Then try the next level, and work your way up. Check your high scores by tapping the Green “High Score” button. Top five scores for each level are able to be viewed in the high score menu screens. Compare with friends and family, see who has the best memory. CLICK HERE to go to the app store.

Daily Nutrition Intake Tracker (Health and Fitness)

Do you want an easy-to-use food tracker without all the complicated bells and whistles? Is nutrition your struggle when it comes to your health and fitness? Do you wish you could just simply track your portions instead of counting calories or doing difficult calculations?

This app helps you track the portions in your basic daily food groups within your preferred plan. Whether you use your federal food guide or a special eating plan, you can easily set up and track the servings that match your plan as the day progresses.
When the app starts up for the first time, you are given the opportunity to choose to count up (from zero) or count down (to zero) your daily portions for each food group. This can easily be switched later, in the settings.
Included is two preset plans (1500-1800 calories OR 1800-2100 calories), which you can choose or not choose to use. You also have the ability, in the settings, to enter any quantity for each food group.
8 fully customizable buttons are provided, with the option to count up to your preset quantity, or down to zero from your total requirements for the day.
At any time you can easily change the text of each of the 8 buttons (which are your food groups), change the color of each button, and even switch the text color between black and white, depending on your preferences.
Tracking your portions is so easy with this simple, user-friendly app!